Atlas Player Tracker API


You can use the below API endpoints to gather information for your own project. Please be careful when using our API, try not to create too many requests unnecessarily or you may bump into the API rate limit for requests. When you reach the limit, the API stops processing any more requests until a certain amount of time has passed. You can read more about RESTful APIs here


Current limit is 60 requests / minute. You can check your current limit in the response headers, where "X-RateLimit-Limit" is the current limit and "X-RateLimit-Remaining" is your remaining quota.

Error handling

If you encounter something bad, you'll receive a JSON object with an "error" parameter that holds the message of the error, however you should rely on the HTTP status code in the response to check if the request was successfull. You can read more about HTTP status codes here.

GET /api/clusters

List of server clusters.

GET /api/cluster/{cluster_id}

Basic data about a cluster.

GET /api/cluster/{cluster_id}/servers

List of servers in cluster.

GET /api/server/{server_id}

Baisc data about a server.

GET /api/server/{server_id}/players

List of players in server. There are no unique identifiers (like SteamID64) reported by Altas servers, only name and playtime.