Atlas Player Tracker

With this tool you can keep track of how many players are on each grid in a cluster. Choose a server cluster from below or from the top navigation bar.

Recent updates

Player tracking problems and discord link October 10. 10:45am The Xbox crossplay update introduced some bugs with the steam query responses, I had to alter the query processing codes and also the reported numbers are false numbers at the moment (some grids report less, some report more than the actual player number you see ingame) and they also removed the player names from the respones so from now it is impossible to differentiate players on a grid. I've also added a discord join button where you can reach me if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the player tracker.

Maintenance May 1. 21:15pm Small modifications on the backend, cleanups on the database and added link for our Patreon page.

Public API January 28. 17:00pm From now on there is a public RESTful API where you can access every information from our database in json format so you can use it on your own projects.

Basic statistics charts January 28. 12:55pm You can view nice charts about player statistics of each server/grid in it's detailed page.

Automatic refresh January 26. 6:30pm From now on there is a checkbox in the grid map view for autmatic reloading of the page and the Freeport and Ruins grids got an outline. If you hover your mouse over a grid, it will show it's name and type. There was also some minor modifications for the UI in the home page.

Player list and optimizations January 26. 1:30pm If you click on a server in the grid map you can view some extended information about that server and the list of the online players and their playtime. The backend has been optimised, reducing the time required to query the servers from ~7 minutes to nearly half a minute.

First version January 26. 1:00am This is the initial version of the tool. It keeps track of how many players are online on each server in a cluster.

Features being worked on

Player search (currently impossible) You will be able to search for a player's name and see what server it is on.

Ship tracking system (currently impossible) The system will keep track of player groups moving together at the same time from server to server.